Class 1 remote learning for the day

Happy Monday Class 1!

Welcome to the last week. This week’s theme is Chinese New Year. I hope that you enjoy the activities I’ve got planned for you. Here is a run through of the day:

9.00- 9.35 EYFS Phonics and Early writing

Today we will be learning the trigraph ‘ear’. Don’t forget your pencil and paper or whiteboard and whiteboard pen. For your follow up task, I have an ‘ear’ word search for you. Can you read and find the different ‘ear’ words? If you don’t have a printer, display the word search on screen. When you find an ear word, write it down in your book.

Print it here: ‘Ear’ word search with answers ear wordsearch

Year 1 phonics:

Follow the link to watch today’s lesson. You will be learning the alternative pronunciation of the ‘ie’ grapheme. As always, please join in with the reading and speaking aspects of the lesson.

For your follow up task, I have a ‘roll and read’ game for you to play. If you don’t have a printer, just display it on the screen and write down the words you read.

ie ie Print off all follow up tasks for the week here: Year 1 phonics lessons and follow-up tasks wk 08.02.21

9.50- 10.30 Year 1 Literacy Live lesson:

Today we will be recapping singular and plurals adding s and es. You will need paper and a pencil.

10.50- 11.50 Maths Live lesson:

Today in Maths, we will be looking at counting up in 10s.

Here is a song you can play lots of times over the week, to help you remember the counting in 10s number sequence:

Screenshot 2021-02-08 070047

Here is a link to a game I would like you to play. Please select the duck with the number 10 on it, then practice counting up in 10s to shoot the duck that makes the right multiple of 10.

duck shoot

I also have this counting in 10s worksheet for you. Can you count in 10s to fill in the gaps in the number sequences? There are 3 levels of challenge. They get harder as you scroll down. Please select the one with the right challenge for our child.

Counting in 10s worksheet 3 levels of challenge

You can also print out these cards, or make a set of your own. Pull out a number card and make that number by counting out the right number of 10 frame cards.

counting in 10s cards 2 Print them here: counting in 10s cards

12.00- 12.20 Storytime, snack and chat

Afternoon activities:

This week, we will be learning about the Chinese New Year. Please read through the following power point to learn all about what Chinese New Year is.

Chinese New Year ppt

Then I would like you to create a craft of the animal that matches the animal which represents your year of birth. Create the animal however you would like, but here are some ideas of what you could create:

chinese new year

Have a lovely day.

Miss Latham