Class 1 suggested activity for the day

Morning everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your code-breaking yesterday. Here are the answers: the 3 animated films were Brave, Moana and Cars, whilst the reception words were dig, bat, egg and jam. Well done if you had a go!

Today’s suggested activity is to create a paper aeroplane. Here is a clear instructional video on how to make one. Pause the video if you need or replay it a few times.

Maybe make a few paper aeroplanes and colour them in or give them a name or a number. Launch each plane from the same starting point and have a competition. Maybe even rope your family in to make and race their own plane.

download (5)

Questions to consider:

Which plane travels the furthest from the starting point?

Can you order the planes from shortest distance travelled to furthest distance?

Can you count how far each plane travelled in steps or use a tape measure, if you have one, to measure the distance of the planes in cm?

Maybe find different ways of making a paper aeroplane and compare them. Here are some other ways you can create a paper plane:

This website also has 4 different designs with simple step-by-step instructions:

Which design flies better or travels further?

Which design didn’t work as well and why didn’t it?

Can you investigate different ways to make your plane more effective?

How could you adapt your plane to make it fly further?

You might find some suggestions here:

Try them out and see which ones are successful. Maybe write down your findings or record them in a table.

Have fun making those planes!

Miss Latham