Class 1 suggested activity for the day

Good morning!

Did you have fun making paper aeroplanes yesterday? I have loved seeing what you’ve been getting up to at home. It’s been nice to see lots of smiley faces despite what’s going on in the world at the moment. Send me lots more photos and I will post them here so you can see what your friends have been doing at home.

Today’s activity is dinosaur reading! I would like you to play the game ‘Tell a T-Rex’ on ICT games. You have to read the question out loud to the T-Rex and decide if the answer is a yes or a no.

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When you first click on the game, you need to choose the phonics sound to focus on. For reception, stick to cvc or cvcc/ccvc words, or sounds oi, ai, oo, ur, ee, ar, or. Year 1 children can select any sounds from the list.

If you find reading the questions a bit tricky, maybe play this dinosaur egg game. Make sure the sound is on, on your computer or tablet. Listen to the word, then read and select the egg with the correct corresponding word. Make sure you select the sounds that you have already covered in your phonics sessions at school.


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Miss Latham