Class 1’s suggested activity of the day

Good morning!

I hope your first day of home learning yesterday went well. Today’s suggested activity is to create a sliding moving picture of a dinosaur.

First, have a look at any of the picture books you might already have at home. Can you find any that have moving pictures i.e. pop up books? Investigate the books thinking about the following questions:


Think about which dinosaur you would like to make. Maybe research some of the different types. When you are ready to make it, you will need:

Felt tips/crayons/paint (whatever you have at home)

Once you have picked a dinosaur, carefully draw it on some card and decorate it using crayons or felt tips, then cut it out and attach it to the top of a long, thin piece of card.

Don’t forget to decorate your background. Use this picture to help you create your own dinosaur landscape.

download (4)

Your next step is to add your dinosaur into the slit.


Now you will be able to move your dinosaur across from side to side.

Can you create a story to go with your dinosaur? What adventure is he on?

Maybe change ‘We’re going on a bear hunt,’ to ‘We’re going on a dinosaur hunt’. What obstacles will you face on your dinosaur hunt? A burning hot volcano or a deep, cold lake?

Practice telling your story out loud or acting it out. Year 1s could even have a go at writing out their dinosaur story.

i.e. ‘We’re going on a dinosaur hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. We’re not scared. Oh no, a burning hot volcano! We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it! Sizzle burn, sizzle burn, sizzle burn.’

Remember, this is only a suggested activity. Please don’t feel pressured to have it done by today. Maybe start it and dip back into it when you have time.


Miss Latham