Class 3 activities 01.07.20

Good morning Class 3 and hello to the 1st of July! Doesn’t time fly!


Here are some beautifully-written poems by Zak, as well as some fantastic artwork of his!


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Today’s learning:

Literacy: Using Conjunctions:

Remind yourself what conjunctions are – they are a type of word that can be used to add together two separate sentences (clauses) and to give the reader more information.

Remember that coordinate conjunctions can be remembered using FANBOYS:


Subordinating conjunctions can be remembered as I SAW A WABUB:


Why don’t you challenge yourself to remember each set of words- have one good look then cover it up and try to write them all down! Use FANBOYS and I SAW A WABUB  to help you!

Year 3: Can you write a letter to the rest of class 3, telling them about what you’ve been up to recently. Every time you use a conjunction, you can underline it in a colour – it might be nice to have one colour for coordinate and one for subordinate conjunctions! Remember to place a comma before the conjunction when adding it to your sentence- for a challenge look at year 4’s extra task!

Year 4: Can you use some subordinate conjunctions to start a sentence? E.g. Because it was raining, I stayed inside for most of last week. Remember to place the comma to mark the clause. For a challenge, can you use other sentence openers such as a 2A opener (Happy and excited, I went to the shops…) or an -ing clause (Dancing merrily, I watched dance with Oti…).

Maths: I have started to get feedback that alot of you are starting to try out Mathletics! Have a go and let me know how you get on- but there is no pressure to finish it all by Friday!

Year 3 Bitesize lesson: Recognising 3D shapes

Year 4 Bitesize lesson: Introducing line graphs

Afternoon activity: Science: Forces and magnets:

For this afternoon’s activity you are going to start to learn about forces – read this then take the quiz!

After reading this ^ please watch the next video for some more insight on what some of the forces are: After watching this, I’d like you to make a list of some every day movements you make e.g opening the cupboard door, picking up a book etc – then decide whether they are a ‘push’ or ‘pull’ – you may want to attempt each movement before writing your answer! Perhaps walk around the house with your list!

Daily exercise activity suggestions:

Please see below for ideas for different exercise activities that you can use daily:

P.E with Joe Wicks:

Dance with Oti:

Cosmic kids yoga (themed yoga/guided meditation):

Have a great Wednesday! Miss Howell 🙂