Class 3 challenge for the day!

Good morning and happy Friday class 3!

Thankyou so much for continuing to complete the purple mash activities – I have enjoyed looking through your work and sending feedback! I have had some pictures sent in already which is great to see – if you want to send any pictures of your rainbows for walkers/workers or any other home learning to share on this page, please use the new class email – 🙂

Flora’s rainbow to make passers-by smile- beautiful!


Here is Liam creating fossils and crystals! Wow!

thumbnail_Image (1) thumbnail_Image (2) thumbnail_Image

Your challenge for the day is to complete this spring themed crossword!


How are you doing with your reading? Have you been enjoying how to train your dragon? Maybe you could write a book review, or make some artwork based on the characters! David Walliams (I know alot of you like his books!) is releasing an audio story every day on his website, from the world’s worst children 2 book! Have a listen if you’d like 🙂

Have a lovely day, and enjoy your weekend! Miss H