Class 4 Home learning for Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning Class 4 and happy Friday! The weekend is almost upon us. Have a fabulous day of home school learning and I hope you enjoy the activities today.

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Finishing the activities from the writing packs.

Reading Comprehension

Choose your challenge and the answers are provided at the back of each section.

Year 4 Y4 Women’s world cup

Year 5 Y5 Reading Fire Drills


Year 4 and 5 : Click on the link to take you to the year group overview for today’s learning activities:


Today the BBC are having a Ten pieces takeover. Ten pieces introduces the world of classical music with activities linked to this. Head on over to the BBC bitesize website and look at the daily lessons in your year group to complete the Ten Pieces lesson today.

Have a great day and enjoy your activities.

Mrs Horton