Class 5 Home Learning 06.07.20

Good morning Class 5 – hope you had a fantastic weekend 🙂

Have a little go at this maths puzzle today – the 3 numbers in the circle must add up to 99. Hint, the circle with 49 in it already must have 2 numbers which add up to 50 included in it.


Send in your solutions to so we can see if there is more than one solution

Have a go at the maths lessons on BBC Bitesize today. Year 5s, have a look at regular and irregular polygons

Year 6s have a look at calculating angles

This week for literacy we will be writing an information text on a type of elf or sprite. We will be working through the booklet below. Today I would like you to read through the model information text about a cave elf, you can even listen to the author reading it out. After that, have a go at activity 1, working on developing vocabulary and understanding definitions. Using your understanding of the text complete activity 2, 3 and 4, have you understood the text?


This afternoon have a go at a geography lesson about what Earth can tell us about weather with David Attenborough. After looking through the videos and information can you show what you have learnt with a poster?

Have you been trying the naming the countries of the world quiz? We are now up to 177/197 in our bubble 😀

Please feel free to email me any work you are getting done or pictures of what you are getting up to! Have a look at what Lewis has been working on, some fantastic writing on the troll, information on Florida and some silly poetry. Great work Lewis 🙂

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Have a brilliant day – Miss P