Class 5 Home Learning 10.07.20

Happy Friday Class 5! 😀 Hope you’ve all had a good week.

Today, head over to the BBC Bitesize website here to have a go at the maths challenge – remember you can send in your solutions to

Today you are finally writing your information text for your elf or sprite! Remember to write formally, to use technical words, to use sentence starters that link ideas and to structure your ideas in to the paragraphs planned. If you want to, include an image in your information text that you can link your writing to.

I’d love to see your pieces of work so send them over to me 🙂

Select your challenge for this reading comprehension t-e-2550524-uks2-influential-musicians-differentiated-reading-comprehension_ver_3

This afternoon, have a go at this music lesson that uses classical music from Ten Pieces

Hope you have a fantastic day 🙂

Miss Parsons