Class 5 update!

Hi all – you have been extremely busy over the last couple of days so lets find out what you’ve been up to!

Daniel has been doing lots of home learning, working on spreadsheets and researching things that he has noticed around him!

Planes IMG_20200514_111157


Hettie has been making a card for her friend


Matthias and his sister have made a video on how to cook an omelette

Nate had a go at the funky hair celebration and even some face paint!

20200518_171407 20200518_163358 20200518_163408

Oscar has been doing some art and continued our graffiti topic!

thumbnail_Image thumbnail_image001

Lewis has been working hard, here is his NHS history poster and some work done on the Chester Zoo website 🙂

20200518_150352 (1) 20200514_161959

Ollie has worked hard on his maths and has been researching on how to help wildlife in his garden

thumbnail_IMG_1007 thumbnail_IMG_1015 thumbnail_IMG_1016

Lucy has worked hard on her spreadsheet skills and also created a lovely presentation about the NHS

Lucy NHS slide show

lucy car spread sheet

Lola has been working on her maths everyday – here is a photo with her cat helping her 😀


You are all so busy and I am so proud of you all – well done!