Class 5 Update

You have all been busy lately and I have had lots of updates!

Lucy has been getting in to her art, not just with our lessons. I love her fox inspired paintings! Here are some of her pieces:


Her LS Lowry art:


Some sketches by Lucy:

141513288_465010058164674_9060033192821702313_n 141992555_467751537567118_2621676705835457540_n

Rosie has created this excellent piece of artwork so far for our LS Lowry lessons:


Will has been practising his building sketches for his LS Lowry art and created this great piece:

WC art

Tilly and Lucy have also been getting out on walks, bike rides and in the snow!

141450419_1394868307348752_7530272036458455454_n 141673522_2027357514070555_1084600979437543897_n LG

Brilliant stuff!