Class 5 Work Celebration

Wow Class 5! You have been so busy this week and the amount of amazing work you are producing is making me one proud teacher 🙂 so I’m going to share some of the fantastic work!

There has been some fabulous examples of setting descriptions and simile/metaphor poems. Here are some examples of your fabulous writing this week:

20210112_113155 20210112_113913 (002) 20210112_113934 (002) English 12.1.21 MPH TG

English 13.1.21 JK english MPH writing SY english SY writing and geography TG writing

lucy writing

There has been some fantastic topic work happening too, here are some of your science and geography work:

MB science SY science Lucy geography

I also love to hear what else you have been up to! Lucy has started learning Italian and I can’t wait to hear some of it when she gets more confident. Tilly has been passing the time with drawing and baking – those jam tarts look delicious!

TG art TG baking 2 TG baking TG 2

Thank you for all of your hard work Class 5!

Miss P