Class 5 Work Celebration 20.01.21

Hello everyone! You have all been working so hard in all you do and some great activities outside of our remote learning. I wanted to share some of this!

We’ve almost come to the end of our fractions work and you have all done so well!

140081025_318563759520142_3675074660722337295_n IB maths

We have now planned our diary entries and from reading all your work so far, I am so so excited to read your finished diary entries!

IB writing SY writing WC writing

Izzy has been getting very creative at home with her art!

image0 image1 image2

Tilly made a clock powered from a potato! A little bit different from the clocks described in our guided reading

TG potato clock

Rye did a science experiment to find that salt and sugar both help dissolve ice, but salt makes it melt quicker!


Will created his own Mountain factfile on Mount Everest and it is brilliant

WC mount everest