Class 5 work celebration!

We have certainly been busy recently and I am so impressed!

You have made me so proud with how well we are doing with our fractions learning, look at all this amazing work below:

20210118_100510 140372861_1628830223988641_8331781930189861223_n IB

You have also been making me so proud with your writing – I can tell that you have been trying hard to use all the skills we have learnt!

20210118_113129 20210118_201444 20210118_201524 139978860_1124917111296564_6712328827046002576_n EH MPH Rewriting Miss parson 18.1.21 TG

We have been creating some lovely pieces of Art is the style of LS Lowry, see Will C’s below and Lucy’s background.

139446956_3546766555409699_4544740621078571370_n WC

Over the weekend Lucy has completed a project on creating a volcano and erupting it! She took photos and videos to show us – I’ve heard that she’s planning on creating a bigger eruption in the future!

139567267_768764170396493_895020929328703408_n 139618664_1338200373183830_2969888905909692161_n

She has also found time to do some baking! I don’t know where she gets the time 🙂

139816463_211941077267376_3925782536160499873_n 139817208_235433014702424_7223346093373523258_n 140040142_423953525423217_7035926338563930844_n

Fantastic work from you all 😀