Class 5 Work Update

We have been super busy this week!

Here is some of your fantastic writing:

20210114_114427 english 14.1.21 MPH

We have been absolutely smashing our maths fractions work:


Some more fabulous science learning with brilliant diagrams

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Brandon has been busy baking!


Lucy has been working incredibly hard on a project over the last week. She has been getting creative and designed and constructed a Fairy Mansion from scratch with table, thistle down bed and a balcony. It is now out in the garden and I think it looks beautiful – a lot of time and effort went in to it.

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On top of that, Lucy completed the Operation Ouch Bendy Bones experiment and I’m sure she will be able to explain to us the science behind it on our live lesson!


I love seeing all of what you’ve been up to – you’ve all been so busy!