Clubs 2018

Monday 08th January until Monday 12th February  AFC Telford Football Club £15.00 open to all year groups.

Tuesday 09th  January until Tuesday 27th March Activ Sports Multi Sports £35.00 for the full Term or £20.00 for Half Term. Open to all year groups.

Tuesday 09th January until Tuesday 10th July Jitterbugz Theatre payments due throughout the year please see forms in the office for information.

Wednesday 10th January until Wednesday 14th February Chin Woo £24.00 and a one off £10.00 licence fee. Open to all children over 6 years unless you have already been taking part.The children who did there grading will receive their sashes in January.

Thursday 11th January until Thursday 29th March 2017 Activ Sports Football Club £35.00 for a full term and £20.00 for Half Term.Open to all year groups.

Thursday 11th January until Thursday 15th February Jitterbugz Dance Club £15.00 open to all year groups.

All forms are available from the office  clubs to be paid in advance please. Thank you.