Dear Parents and Carers

I would just like to reassure you in regards to the learning packs that were sent home. In attempt to make this difficult situation easier, I kept all activities (in particular maths) a revision task. However, as it was not possible for me to differentiate and focus tasks to individuals as I would usually within a lesson, I am conscious of the fact that some may not be able to complete independently. In these cases, please do refer to the links I have provided in the home learning pack to support and even if these do not help, please do not hesitate to email the office to get in contact with me. I do not wish to cause any unnecessary stress to yourselves or the children, if needs be revision of arithmetic (the four operations) and quick recall of times tables will be sufficient work in place of any maths task that can not be completed.

Thank you for all your support throughout these tricky times and hopefully see you very soon!

Miss Parsons