Friday 22nd May – Challenge of the day!


Good morning and happy Friday! The last day before half term! I am collecting all of your updates this week and for one long update! As next week is half term, I won’t be setting any work on the class page or on Purple Mash.  All activities on Purple Mash have been extended until the week after half term.

Yesterdays challenge was all about Harry Potter and unscrambling the words. How did you do?


For todays challenge,  I have set another family challenge  – called Rebus .A rebus is a code or reference where pictures, letters, or symbols represent certain words or phrases.

During the Middle Ages, many families used rebuses to symbolise their family names or crest. In the modern age, rebuses are typically used as challenging riddles or puzzles and now are a regular in family quizzes!  Rebus (pronounced ree-buhs) is derived from the Latin phrase nōn verbīs sed rebus, meaning “not by words but by things.”

So, to solve these challenges, you need to say what you see. In the example below, you can see a th under storm –  so the answer is thunderstorm!

rebus example

Have fun solving the rebus family challenge!


Writing task –  This week, I would like you to have a go at trying to write a funny story in no more than 500 words – which you can then enter for the ‘A Write Laugh’ story competition. Full details can be found here A Write Laugh and in the poster below.


So far this week, you have looked at inspiration for writing from your own experiences, created your own funny or quirky character, written hooks for your story and used a story map to plan your story. Today, is all about writing your funny story!

Task 5 – Write your story.
Use all the learning from this week to create your own funny story in less than 500 words. This can then be entered for the ‘A Write Laugh’ competition – which closes on 31st May 2020 – its your choice to enter!

Maths task – continuing with fractions, today, we are going to be adding two fractions where the answer could be greater than 1 on BBC Bitesize – Fractions Friday. You will need to watch the videos and record your notes in your workbook.  Then, have a go at the suggested activities.

Topic Task – After half term, our learning will change to our geography topic of Rivers.  For today, I would like you to watch the videos All about mountains on BBC Bitesize. Record notes in your workbook – choosing whichever method you prefer and try out the suggested activities.

Then, I would like to start a research project – called – The Journey of the River Severn – this will help you for our learning after half term.   You will need to research the following:

*the mountains where the river severn starts
*which towns does the River Severn pass through
*which other water sources or rivers join the River Severn
*where does the River Severn finish
*how long is the River Severn
*how does the width of the river change on its journey

During your research, you may wish to record a glossary of geographical vocabulary.  You can present your research how you choose – a mind map would be a fantastic way to record all your thinking – you could use different colours for each of the different questions. Try not to write too much detail – as each week after half term, you will have a research task all about rivers – good luck!

Science task – Whirlpools! In science, we have been learning all about different reactions and have carried out lots of different investigations.  Well today, I though it would be fun if you created your own vortex tornado or whirlpool!

First, watch the video Creating a tornado in a bottle.  Observe what happens to the different liquids in the bottles and then record your ideas in your workbook.

Then have a go at making one yourself!.  You will need two empty plastic bottles.  Fill one of them 3/4 full with water. Tape the neck ends of the bottles together tightly – Duck tape is really good to use here! Turn the bottles so the liquid filled one is on top and give the bottles a swirl. You will cause the water to move in a circle and cause a tornado. You could try using coloured liquid too! Have fun – but this investigation would be best done outside!

tornado in a bottle

Have a fun-tastic day! Please keep your updates coming through to our class email so that I can share all your brilliant learning with the class!

Keep smiling!

Mrs T 🙂