Friday 27/03/20 – Challenge of the day!

Good morning Class 4 and happy Friday! How many of you ‘clapped for our NHS’ yesterday? It was vey moving from where I live, everyone was clapping outside their windows and on their doorstep.  Today has been promised to be another sunny day like yesterday.  I hope you are able to get outside, even if it is only once a day – yesterday Loki enjoyed his long walk -Hollie is still looking after her pups so she simply slept!

Purple Mash – I have set ToDos on Purple Mash to support your learning in topic, science, english and maths, along with weekly ICT.  I have also created a class blog, under the sharing tab at the top of Purple Mash.  A huge thank you to those who have completed the tasks this week, and to those who have independently completed additional learning.  I have now moved all the work which has been saved in the class folder to your personal folder and I am also marking independent learning which you have completed – the feedback will be visible the next time you log on! Don’t worry though if Purple Mash freezes and then wont let you submit your work – very often it is still there for me to see!

Answer to Thursdays challenge:
Yesterday, you were asked to identify character islands – did you manage to name all the characters? Here are the answers – how did you do?


For todays challenge, I have a quiz – about Europe! You can write the answers in your book.


For English, as this is the end of the first week of the national closure, I would like you to write about your first week at home, in isolation or in school if your grown ups are key workers.  Try and write about the activities you and your family have participated in, along with how you are feeling not being at school.  Even if you can only write about this event once a week, you are creating history – remember how Anne Frank wrote about her life in the secret annex during WW2.  This is your time to do something for the future.

How is your reading going? Did you manage to listen to David Walliams yesterday? Now our town libraries are closed, if you want to read a new book or magazine, you could always read an e-book. There are many sites offering free unlimited e-books at the moment, along with Oxford Owl and Bug Club.  You were all given a copy of Floodland, our summer class reading text, for you to read at home. When reading, please write down any unfamiliar vocabulary and try and research what the words mean.  This will help you with future learning during the Summer term.

Finally, this Saturday, 28th March is Earth Hour – where countries across the world will switch off lights for an hour between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.  You could use this time to go in your gardens and look at the stars and constellations if it a clear night which is what has been predicted. You could do your bit for the world – and save electricity for an hour!  More information can be found on the following website  Have a look a the official launch video featuring The Script.

I hope you all have a good Friday, and try to have an enjoyable weekend.  Don’t forget to use the class email address for any queries you may have.

I will catch up with you all again on Monday.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs T.