Half term homework

There will be no maths homework over the half term holiday.

There are certain common exception words that children in Year 1 and 2 need to be able to spell, that cannot be sounded out phonetically to help them to spell them.

I have provided you with your child’s list of spellings. You will first need to assess which words your child can and cannot spell, and then make a record of these on the sheet. I would then like the children to complete a range of activities over the next few weeks, that will help them to learn those words they are unable to spell. Maybe concentrate on 5-10 spellings at a time depending on how many of the words your child can’t spell yet.

I ask that the spelling record be returned to me by the 10th March, at the latest, as this is the date when I will be retesting the children on these spellings. This does mean that they have until then to practice.

If you find that your child can spell most of the spellings on the sheet, send in the spelling record by the 3rd March and I can test your child earlier.

If you have any questions about this homework, please see me on the first Monday back after half term.

I hope you have a lovely half term break!

Miss Latham