Home learning 24.09.2021

Happy Friday!

You’ve made it to the end of the week. Please find below the home learning for today. If you are ill with covid, then don’t feel obligated to complete the work.

Year 1:

Maths: You will be looking at counting backwards to find one less. Please find below the teaching power point and the follow up worksheet.

Teaching power point: Count one less teaching powerpoint

Follow up task: Count one less

Literacy: I would like you to continue looking at capital letters. Play the magical hat capital letters game.

Magic hat capital letters game

Afternoon activity:

In science, we are looking at our 5 senses. Find below the teaching power point. As a follow up task, can you investigate using your senses. Find a blindfold and some foods from the fridge. Use your sense of touch, taste and smell to see if you can identify the food. Can you describe the foods?

senses power point


Please find below some suggested home learning activities for today:

reception 24.09

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Latham