Home learning 27.09.2021

Happy Monday!

Sorry for the late upload, but I’ve had some technical difficulties at home this morning. I hope that those of you with covid are feeling better and you’ve managed to enjoy your weekend. Please find below the home learning for today. Remember, If you are poorly with covid, don’t feel obligated to complete the work.

Year 1:

Maths: I would like you to practice your skills in finding one more and one less. Remember, to find one more we add 1 to a number (+ 1) and to find one less, we take 1 away (- 1). Please follow the link to play the robot game. select ‘one more’ for numbers up to 10 and repeat by selecting one less for numbers up to 10. Can you solve the +1 and -1 number sentences and match them to the right answer?



Literacy: I would like you to continue your work looking at using capital letters. This time, remembering that we always use a capital letter to start a sentence. Can you read the sentences below and the rewrite them, so that capital letters are in the right place. The first 3 sentences are easier, whilst the last 3 are more challenging. Pick the  3 sentences to match your child’s confidence level. Don’t forget to add the capital letters in the right place too!


Afternoon activity: Today I have an art lesson for you. Our art topic this term is looking at the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo. He is well known for painting portraits, where the subject’s faces are made up of fruits/vegetables/plants of the season they were painted in. See below to access the teaching power point, where you will be able to look at and critique some of his most famous portraits:

Arcimboldo lesson 1

As a follow up task, I would like you to experiment with some colour mixing. See if you can create the colours you need to paint a picture of a fruit or vegetable, i.e. Can you mix primary colours to create orange and green to paint a carrot, or purple and green to create a bunch of grapes etc? Discuss what they think the primary colours of red, blue and yellow might make if you mix two of them together. Maybe watch this song to see if you were right:


Then get down to the mixing using paint if you hav it at home. If not, try with pencil crayons, felt tips or wax crayons.


Phonics: Today, we will be learning our first phoneme- s. Follow the link to watch the teaching video.

Then have a go at writing ‘s’ in different ways. Can you go on a ‘s’ hunt around your house? What objects begin with ‘s’?


Maths: Please watch today’s lesson video looking at sorting objects. Stop the video to discuss the questions being asked.

Afterwards, can you gather some objects from around your house? These could be buttons like in the video, different leaves from your garden, socks etc. Can you work out different ways to sort them? Can you sort them by colour/pattern? Length? Size? etc. Justify how you have sorted them.

Afternoon activity: Same as Year 1

Have a lovely day!

Miss Latham