Home learning 28.09.21

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you all had a lovely Monday. Look below for the home learning for today.

Year 1:

Phonics lesson- Please watch the video and participate in any reading/writing activities.



Phonics lesson- Today, we will be learning the phoneme ‘a’. Please watch the lesson video and participate in any reading/speaking activities.


As a follow up activity, can you go on an ‘a’ hunt around your house, for objects beginning with the ‘a’ initial sound? (apple, album etc). Maybe sort out the objects into those beginning with ‘a’ and those beginning with ‘s’ (from yesterday).


Year 1: You will be practicing your skills in 1:1 correspondence. Watch the teaching video below first and then complete the follow up worksheet.

Follow up task: 1 to 1 correspondence activity sheet

Reception: Please watch the teaching video below.

Here are your follow up activities for after watching the teaching video:

EYFS Maths Week-1-Session-2 activity cards

Literacy: Year 1s only

Please complete this reading comprehension activity. Can you read the sentences and then use the information to add drawings to the picture?

Transport Early Reading Comprehension Sound buttons

Afternoon activity:

Today, I have a PE activity for you. In PE, we will be looking at gymnastics. Please watch the video and follow along with the exercises, working on your balance.


Have a lovely day everyone and hope to see you soon!

Miss Latham