Home learning 29.09.21

Happy Wednesday!

We’re half-way through the week and hopefully I will see some of you back in school soon. Please find below your home learning for today.

Year 1:

Phonics- Please follow the link to watch the teaching video and join in with any speaking/reading/writing activities.



Phonics- Today you will be learning the phoneme ‘t’. Please watch the teaching video and join in with any reading/writing/speaking aspects of the video.



Year 1: For Maths today, you will be comparing objects? Which groups has more/less/fewer/greater etc? Please watch the teaching video and then complete the accompanying worksheet.


Worksheet: Yr 1 comparing objects


Today’s lesson is continuing the work on sorting objects. Watch the teaching lesson below. Pause at any discussion points.

Follow up task: EYFS maths week 1 session 3 follow up activity

Have a hunt around your home for some different sized lids. Can you draw around them on a piece of paper? Now mix your lids up and see if you can find the matching lid on your paper. Can you talk about the size and shape of each of your lids?

Afternoon activity:

Today’s afternoon activity is our second history lesson on Transport. Please work through the power point, which looks at how transport used 100 years ago was different to today and what sort of things affected the transport choices made. Do these choices still affect us today. (You will need to scroll down the slides, until you see lesson 2.)

Lesson Presentation How Has Transport Changed lesson 1 and 2


As a follow up task, I would like you to compare the transport in the picture- car versus bike and train versus plane. Which transport is better? Why is it better? When would you choose the one form of transport over another? Is one more expensive? Does one cover more distances? Is one form of transport faster than another? etc

Year is can write down an idea for each, and then just discuss their other ideas, or have them scribed, whilst reception children can just discuss their ideas.


Have a lovely day!

Miss Latham