Homework for Easter


For homework over the Easter holiday, I have set some reading games for the children.

Year 1 have a 1 minute reading challenge. Cut out each word card. Set a timer for 1 minute. Segment and blend the words to read them. If it is read correctly, you can keep that card. At the end of 1 minute, count how many words have been read. Next time, challenge yourself to read more words in a minute. Can you keep beating your time?

I’ve given you a table, so you can track your score and hopefully over the 2 weeks, be able to read more and more words within the minute.

Reception children have been given a ‘Reading pop’ game. Cut out the cards and put them into a feely bag. Take it in turns to take a card. Segment and blend the word to read it. If it is read correctly, you can keep the card. If not, put it back into the bag. If you pull out a ‘pop’ card, then any cards you have should go back into the bag. The person with the most cards collected at the end, wins.

If your child has lost a copy of their game, you can print them off below.

Phonics reading games


Miss Latham