Pancake day!

Class 1 have had a fabulous (and messy) pancake day!

They worked in small groups and had to read simple instructions and follow the pictures to make the pancake batter mix. Team work was very important if they wanted to follow the recipe correctly and make the tastiest pancakes.

IMG_2146 IMG_2147 IMG_2152

Then the children went into the kitchen. They helped Miss Latham to pour the batter into the saucepan and used the spatula to mat down the pancake to make sure it got cooked on both sides. Some of the children even had a go at flipping the pancake.

The children then took their pancake to the topping station. There were lots of delicious toppings, such as, lemon, sugar, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, banana and sprinkles. Each child worked independently to choose what toppings to put on and to create their pancake snack. IMG_2157 IMG_2160 IMG_2161 IMG_2165 IMG_2166 IMG_2167 IMG_2168 IMG_2170

Then it was time for the best part of the day… eating our pancakes. There were lots of chocolaty faces and sticky fingers.