Performance Poetry

In Class 5 we have been looking at performance poetry in the last week. We have studied some performance poems that include lots of humour, repetition and visual imagery. We then all wrote our own poems that included the subjunctive form – we really enjoyed having the freedom to write about what we wanted and using humour. Then we thought about the actions, use of our voice and volume when performing to each other in groups.

IMG_2083 IMG_2082 IMG_2081

Some examples of our poetry below:

If I were a sailor,
I would sail the toughest of seas,
To see everything there is to see.

I would laugh with the seals
And screech with the seagulls.
I would dive deep into the water,
Deeper, deeper and deeper still.
By Matthias

Harry use our class book to inspire his poem

If I were Stanley,
I have to dig, dig
Holes, holes everyday.
Which have to be five metres deep.
I would have blisters on my hands,
And blisters on my feet.
I want to finish
Before the sun comes out,
Before I get hot and sweaty.

If I were Stanley,
Life would be hard
At Camp Green Lake.