Reading books


I just wanted to make you aware, that I have uploaded some reading books into the Files section on Teams. You will find them in the folder ‘Reading books’.

Teams books

I have labelled them as Year 1 and EYFS, so you know which ones to choose based on your child’s age.

They are scanned in reading books turned into PowerPoint slides. I have also recorded audio of me reading the story. Choose how you use this. You can either let the children listen to me read it first, then go back to the start and turn the volume off, so your child can read it independently or, get your child to read it independently first and then allow them to check their reading against my reading. You can hear the audio by clicking the speakerphone symbol.


If you watch it in slideshow, I think the audio automatically plays, so watch it with volume off if you don’t want to hear the audio.

I’m not sure if it is useful, but on some of them, I have modelled how I would approach encouraging the children to sound out and blend the words to read them.

I will be uploading more books over the coming days. Maybe choose 1-2 books a week. Repeated reading of the same book is important, so that by the end, your child is able to almost read the book by sight. Reading for 5 minutes every day will really help to keep your child’s reading progress up in preparation for return to school.

I hope you find this useful! Any feedback you have would be really helpful.

Thank you,

Miss Latham