Wednesday 25/03/20 – Challenge of the day!

Good morning – how are we all today? I hope you are all keeping well! Did any of you have a go at PE with Joe or Cosmic Yoga yesterday? Don’t forget you can access these daily to help keep both your body and mind well during this time.  A huge thank you to everyone who has been submitting work using Purple Mash too – keep it up! Keep on earning those rewards! Don’t forget that there is also. class blog on Purple Mash which is found under the ‘sharing’ tab.

Answer to Tuesdays challenge:
Yesterday, you had to solve the anagrams to find the 6 characters in children’s books – here are the answers – how well did you do?


For todays challenge, I would like you to have a go at The Tall Tower. This is a maths problem where you have to collect potions as you try to escape the tower! Use your maths book to solve the answers to the puzzle and remember to follow the rules – as you can’f go into the same room twice!

Quiz _Wed_250320

For Science today, I would like you to have a go at the Forces To Dos on Purple Mash and then do your own investigation at home using an orange and a bowl of water.

Using an orange investigate floating and sinking. Before you place the orange into the water, I would like you to predict what you think will happen to the orange, based on what you know and have learnt already – record this in your book.

Then, place the orange in the water, observe what happens, draw a picture which shows your observations and record in your books what happens to the orange.

For the second part of the investigation, you will need to carefully peel the orange but not separate it into segments yet.  Again, predict what you think will happen based on what you know and have learnt and record this in your book.. Place the peeled orange in the water. Observe what happens, draw a picture which shows your observations and then, using scientific language, explain what happened to the orange.

Why did the orange behave differently in the water? Have a go, using scientific language at explaining and concluding your investigate in your books.

I know how much we all love school trips – and for now a physical trip isn’t possible – so how about a virtual school trip!  I have attached a file below – click on it and use the blue links to explore different parts of the globe from your own front room!

Drop me an email through the school office to let me know which virtual trip you enjoyed the most and why – or you could even update the class blog on Purple Mash!
I will be adding more virtual field trips over the coming days!

Virtual School trips

Finally, I know how much you all love your art learning in Class 4 – but do you wish you could draw like a professional? Well, have a look at the author and illustrator Mo Willems- and his online lunch doodles on You Tube! Mo Willems has written many books including Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Search him up on You Tube – Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems – new lessons are updated daily!

Mo Williems Mo willems _Art

Have fun with all your learning – remember to be as creative as you can!

Mrs T!