We’ve been busy!

As I promised earlier, I would like to share some more of your ‘Good News’ reports! These have been fantastic and really do show us that there is light and happiness around us

A video example here :https://vimeo.com/407097548?ref=em-share

These are great!!

One of our class mates weren’t happy with just celebrating Easter over last week – so her family did a year in a week and celebrated their birthdays, Halloween and Christmas Day again!! What a great idea!

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It has also been very lovely to hear that you’ve been writing so many letters to people. Lucy wrote a letter to the Prime Minister last week and has even written another letter today to a Butchers who were broken in to last night (not very nice news!)


Well done everyone – super proud of you all!

If you feel you want to do more activities than those set on Purple Mash or on here, please feel free to look through this word document with links to resources in all subjects

Resources for home learning by subject

Miss P