Our School Vision


img_3524Here at Crudgington Primary School we seek to develop children as self-reflective, independent learners. We will encourage children to develop as confident individuals and recognise the wide range of skills and talents that our children possess.

We believe that children should be challenged as well as supported in order to achieve their maximum potential across all areas of the curriculum. Our engaging curriculum, which incorporates creative and inspiring contexts for learning, will both support and prepare our children fully for life in modern Britain.

We will encourage healthy lifestyles and promote a love of sport and exercise across the school ensuring children are both physically and mentally prepared for any challenges that may lie ahead.

img_3637Communication lies at the heart of all that we do. We strongly value the close working partnership between parents/carers and staff and recognise that this plays a crucial role in the rounded development of a child.


What challenge & support means to our children here at Crudgington Primary School



How we approach, talk about and teach fundamental British Values



These are some of the ways in which we keep healthy at Crudgington School. ( By Xavier )



How we develop as individuals.