Our School Vision


At Crudgington Primary School, our values centre around PRIDE, PASSION & PURPOSE. We seek to develop children as self-reflective, independent learners. We will encourage children to grow as confident individuals and recognise our children’s wide range of skills and talents.
We believe that children should be challenged and supported to achieve their maximum potential across all areas of the curriculum. Our engaging curriculum, which incorporates creative and inspiring learning contexts, will help and prepare our children fully for life in modern Britain.
We will encourage healthy lifestyles and promote a love of sport and exercise across the school, ensuring children are both physically and mentally prepared for any challenges that may lie ahead.

Our curriculum will allow all children to become successful learners through exploring the national curriculum’s breadth and depth and learning within a coherent, carefully sequenced, and progressive framework that will inspire their curiosity to know more and remember more. They will develop rich and in-depth subject knowledge, developing new knowledge and skills through various interesting contexts, enabling them to see clear links between different aspects of their learning. Teaching will equip children to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement. Our children will develop and demonstrate their creativity and experience the challenge and enjoyment of learning fully.


Units of work are carefully sequenced and tracked across a child’s journey through school. Key skills have been mapped out across all subjects to provide a well-structured and logical progression of skills. Topics are ordered into themes across half/whole terms to ensure that learning is as thematic and engaging as possible. Teachers effectively track children’s development of both knowledge and skills through a balanced mix of formal and teacher assessments on a termly basis. Bespoke knowledge organisers have been produced and demonstrate the required knowledge throughout a unit. Diagnostic questions are used to probe and check children’s recall.
Subjects contain pre- and post-mind maps so that children and staff can see their knowledge acquisition. We send out termly overviews for families so they can see what is covered in each subject. We also send home the knowledge organisers and phonics phase guidance. Subject leaders are instrumental in developing, monitoring and quality assuring subjects across the school. The school has implemented Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction to ensure that lessons build on prior learning: Begin a lesson with a short review of previous learning; Present new material in small steps with student practice after each step; Ask a large number of questions and check the responses of all students; Provide models; Guide student practice; Check for student understanding; Obtain a high success rate; Provide scaffolds for complex tasks; Require and monitor independent practice; Engage students in weekly and monthly reviews.

Through carefully sequenced lessons, children develop rich schemas that they can apply to new contexts in their learning. We understand the overwhelming need to ensure that each lesson is purposeful and links in with the planned sequence of lessons. For example, in history, we have developed ‘concept lenses’ to probe understanding and recall at the end of a unit by tying key themes together, such as Rules and Law, Settlements and Monarchy. As a result, our children are articulate about their learning and benefit from a rich ‘tapestry’ of interwoven knowledge.
We assess and track all areas of study using either formal or teacher assessment. This is kept low threat to ensure children are engaged and can fully show off their ability. We use data effectively to ensure progress and attainment remain high and intervene early at pupil, group, and cohort levels.
Every student has an equal right to a challenging and enlightening curriculum. By teaching this curriculum consistently well and focussing on PRIDE, PASSION & PURPOSE, we bring out the best in everyone at Crudgington Primary School.