Our maths curriculum is based on the expectations and aims of the National Curriculum for mathematics. It also incorporates
the ‘Ready-to-progress’ criteria set out in the DfE non-statutory guidance, the statutory framework for the Early Years
Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the Early Years ‘Development Matters’ EYFS document. Our maths curriculum is progressive: in
Early Years, our children are exposed to the fundamental number skills through continuous provision and explicitly taught
lessons as well as the Early Years Number Sense programme to secure mathematical fluency skills. In KS1, our children use a
range of concrete resources to explore mathematical concepts, ensuring that pictorial representations, mental strategies, and
formal written methods are taught and practised enabling our children to have the knowledge and skills to progress to KS2.
Within KS1, our children are taught the KS1 Number Sense Programme which secures their addition and subtraction fluency by
teaching them a range of mental strategies. At KS2, our curriculum is designed to develop competencies to equip pupils for KS3
where they will build on their prior knowledge and understanding to make connections and solve increasingly sophisticated
mathematical problems.

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