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Class 1 Easter celebrations and a few notes

To celebrate Easter today, the children in Class 1 have had lots of fun making chocolate Easter nests and then going on an egg hunt around the school. It is safe to say, they have completely filled themselves with chocolate, so I can only apologise if they come home today a little bit green faced!

Just a note for after the Easter holidays. Please make sure that reading books and diaries are brought into school everyday. This is so that when we read with your child, we have somewhere to record it. Also please can you send your child in on a Wednesday with an old top you don’t mind them getting dirty, so that they can wear it for forest school. We provide them with waterproof trousers to wear.

I hope that you all have a lovely and well-deserved Easter holiday. Let’s hope that we have the nice weather.

Miss Latham

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Class 2 Visitors

Hello Class 2

What an exciting day we have had!

Our two lambs Ruby and Jack would like to say a big thank you for taking good care of them today, they had a great time in Class 2.

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Class 2 Home Learning – Friday 19 March

Happy Red Nose Day Class 2!

Just one more day of home learning and then we will all be back together in Class 2 on Monday. I have been so impressed with how well you have got on this week and your dedication to learning.

Please find all the learning resources for today in the teams files. It would also be great to see you all wearing something red in today’s live lessons to support comic relief.

Have a fantastic Friday and a restful weekend.

Miss Jones

Class 2 Home Learning – Thursday 18th March

Good Morning Class 2

I hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s game session as much as I did.

All of the learning resources for today have been uploaded to the teams file, please let me know if you’re having difficulty accessing this. You will also find today’s PSHE lesson, where you will be identifying the most important qualities of a good team player and creating a TV advert.

See you in the lives.

Miss Jones

Class 2 Home Learning – Wednesday 17th March

Hello Class 2

I hope you are having a good week so far. I have got lots of exciting learning activities planned for today and I cannot wait to enjoy another live games session with you this afternoon.

All of the learning resources for today can be found in the teams files. This afternoon in science you will continue to learn about different habitats, focusing specifically on a pond habitat.

Please join the live lessons for maths at 9am and literacy at 10.30am. Also, do not forget to join the live games session at 1pm.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Miss Jones