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Class 1 Christmas decoration competition



I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the hard work and creativity that went into designing the Christmas tree decorations. I was very impressed with the different ways you turned your lollipop stick into a Christmas tree decoration and they are going to look fabulous on our class tree. It was a very hard decision for Mrs Cunningham to make, but I’m happy to announce the 3 winning designs she chose.

1st place- Alfie

2nd place- Harry

3rd place- Isla


The children have been awarded with a certificate and some chocolate, which I hope they’ll share with their families.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Latham


Class 1 homework: Christmas decoration competition


For your child’s homework this week, I have sent them home with a lollipop stick each. They have been tasked with creating a Christmas decoration for the class Christmas tree, which we will decorate with the designs. Please send your child’s decoration in by next Thursday, with your name on the back of your decoration. There will be a an anonymous vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, with prizes to be won. Be as creative as you like! If you are struggling to think of a design, then here is some inspiration for you. You can add other lollipop sticks to it, paint it, add glitter or fabric…let your mind run wild! Please try and encourage the children to be as independent in creating their decoration, as possible.

Have fun! I look forward to seeing what you create.

Miss Latham


Remembrance Day Art

In Class 5 this week we have been thinking about Remembrance Day. We learnt about the significance of this year with the 75th anniversary and then looked at some famous art in remembrance. We liked the silhouette art ideas and created some of our own scenes using watercolour background with silhouette shapes on top.

remembrance art 4 remembrance art 3 remembrance art 2 remembrance art

Class 1 remote learning

Happy Thursday Class 1!

We have come to the final day of home learning. I hope that all of the activities have kept you busy through the isolation period. Here are the final home learning tasks for the week:


Please watch the following teaching videos depending on whether you are a Year 1 or EYFS child and join in with saying the phonemes on the flashcards and segmenting and blending the words to read them.


Year 1


For today’s reading activity, I would like you to enjoy some storytime together. Can you pick a favourite book from your books at home. Listen carefully as your parent or carer reads the story to you. After enjoying the storytime, discuss these questions together:

  • What happened in the story?
  • Who is the main character? How do you know?
  • What did you enjoy about the story?
  • What didn’t you like about the story?
  • What do you think might happen to the characters after the ending of the story?



For the EYFS children, I have got a phonics word search for you. Look at the pictures around the wordsearch. Can you find the matching words in the wordsearch? When you find them, cross them through or circle around them with a coloured pencil.

phonics wordsearch

Year 1

Today’s Literacy activity is to create a Bonfire night safety poster. To do this, you will first need to watch the video posted in the afternoon activities section. Discuss:

  • Why is Bonfire night dangerous?
  • What things do we need to be wary of on Bonfire night?
  • What steps can we take to keep ourselves safe?
  • How can these help us to stay safe?

Pick 3 or 4 main ideas for how we can keep ourselves and our pets safe on Bonfire night and use these to create a Bonfire night safety poster. Don’t forget to still write in full sentences, remembering capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Here is a word mat for you to use to help with spelling and a poster border should you like to use it.

bonfire night word mat

Bonfire night safety poster template


Please watch the teaching video looking at adding by using bonds.

Year 1

You will need to work through the following worksheet:

white rose 3


Can you create your own Part whole model, or print out the one below. Choose a number between 5 and 10. Can you use loose parts in your part whole model to find all the number bonds that make up that number? Have a go at writing the number bonds you find.

part whole model

part whole model 2

Afternoon activities

I would like you to learn about Bonfire night safety. Think about all of the things we do to celebrate Bonfire Night. Why might we need to know how to keep ourselves safe? Please watch the following video and discuss things you can do to keep yourself and others safe on Bonfire Night. To watch the video, follow the link below:

EYFS children can have a go at creating a Bonfire night safety poster, by drawing pictures to show what steps we can take to keep ourselves safe. Don’t worry about writing, you can write down the tips they can remember for them.

Or follow the link to play some different online games focusing on Bonfire night safety:

firework games

You could also have a go at creating your own Bonfire Night small world scene to play with. Here are some ideas of what you will need:

small world

I hope that you enjoy today’s activities and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Miss Latham



Class 1 remote learning

Happy Wednesday Class 1!

Only 2 days to go until we’re back in school. I hope you have enjoyed the home learning so far! Here are the activities I have set for you today.



Please watch the following teaching video. Don’t forget to join in with saying the phonemes and with the segmenting and blending of words to read them.

Year 1

Please watch the following teaching video. Don’t forget to join in with saying the phonemes and with the segmenting and blending of words to read them.


For your reading tasks today, I would like you to segment and blend to read the captions and match them to the correct picture. There is a set for EYFS children and a set for Year 1 children.


phase 2 captions

Year 1

phase 4 captions


For the EYFS children, I have a picture that I would like you to label. I am not concerned about correct spelling, as children have only learned phase 2 sounds at this point. What I would like them to do is practice segmenting the words and writing down the sounds they can hear and know in the words. For example, when spelling/writing the word ‘toffee apple’, they might spell it ‘tofi apl’, as these are the only graphemes they know so far for the phonemes in the word. It is just good practice to get the children to sound out the words and write down the sounds they can hear and know in the order that they hear them, to promote independence in writing.

bonfire labelling

Year 1

Imagine you have been to a Bonfire display. I would like you to have a go at writing a postcard recounting your experiences. You can choose to write your postcard to whoever you’d like. In your postcard, you might want to talk about:

  • What you did whilst you were there?
  • Did you go on any rides?
  • Did you see a penny for the Guy?
  • What were the fireworks like?
  • Did you eat anything there? What did you have?
  • Who did you go with?
  • Did you enjoy yourself?

When writing your postcard, please write in full sentences, with capital letters and full stops used correctly. Feel free to design a picture for your postcard too.postcard Here is a handy word mat you can use to support you with your spellings.

bonfire night word mat


Please watch the following teaching video looking at addition- adding more.

Year 1 children, please fold a piece of paper in half and label one side true and one side false. Use loose parts you can find around the house to help you see if the following statements are true or false. Cut them out and stick them into your table.

true or false

EYFS children, please complete a similar task with these cards, sorting them into true or false. Feel free to draw the counters on the ten frames to see if the statements are true or false.

eyfs true or false

Afternoon activities

For the afternoon activities, I’d like you to have a go at making some Bonfire night themed food. Here are some ideas for the different food you could choose to make. Try and be independent with any of the cutting, chopping, mixing needed to make the food. Why not have a go at recording a cooking instructional video on how to make the food, as you go along, on an ipad or phone. Can you talk about each step you need to complete to make the food?

bonfire night food

I hope you have a fun day!

Miss Latham


Class 1 remote learning

Happy Tuesday Class 1!

I hope that you enjoyed the learning yesterday? I got sent some photographs of your beautiful firework art, so thank you for those. Here are all of the links and resources you will need for today’s learning.



Please watch the phonics lesson and join in with reading and saying the flashcards and words.

Follow up activity:

Can you have a go at writing simple sentences to match the pictures. I have given you the sentence stem to use, ‘It is a…’. Think of an adjective to describe the object in the picture i.e. ‘red bus’, ‘fat cat’ etc, then write the whole sentence i.e. ‘It is a fat cat.’. Don’t forget finger spaces between each word and practice correct letter formation.

phonics sentence

Year 1 

Please watch the phonics lesson below. Don’t forget to join in with the segmenting and blending.

Reading activity

Here are some questions for you to read. There is a set for Year 1 and a set for EYFS children. Segment and blend the words to read them, then decide if the answer to the question is a yes or a no. Cut them out and sort them into the table.

yes and no quest 2

Literacy- Year 1

Have you ever been to a bonfire night celebration? Can you remember what you might have seen? Heard? Smelt? Felt? Tasted? Think about the food you might eat there or the fairground rides you might go on. Watch the video to remind you what it is like, then brainstorm in the table things you would experience at a Bonfire night celebration. I have given you a few examples. As you record your ideas in the table, think of an adjective (a describing word) to match.

bonfire night

Once you have brainstormed your ideas, can you write a Bonfire night senses poem using these sentence stems:

I can hear…

I can see..

I can feel…

I can smell…

I can taste…


Please watch the following teaching video, where you will be learning to add by adding more to a set.


Year 1- after watching the video, please complete the following worksheet. Use any loose parts you might have around the house to help you with the working out if you need it.

white rose 2

EYFS- Can you cut and match the addition sentence with the 10 frame that represents it.

eyfs maths

Afternoon activity

This afternoon, I would like you to research and learn about why and how we celebrate Bonfire Night on the 5th of November. Take a look at the PowerPoint below, to learn some more about the history.

All about Bonfire night powerpoint

I have a few different suggestions for activities:

Follow these instructions to create a Penny for the Guy model using things you can find around your house:

Create your own Guy Fawkes puppets and use them to role-play the story of the Gunpowder plot:


Or why not create your own little book with pictures to show the story of the Gunpowder plot.

I look forward to seeing what you got up to, so don’t forget to send me some photos!

Miss Latham

Class 1 remote learning

Happy Monday Class 1!

I hope you have all managed to have a lovely half-term holiday despite the circumstances we find ourselves in. I can’t wait to hear about what you got up to when we start back at school on Friday. In the meantime, I have organised some remote learning for you to do at home. Below is a rough timetable for the acitivities and learning I’d like you to complete over the next 4 days. Every day before 9 o’clock, I will upload all of the links and resources you will need for learning that day. If you have any queries, problems or if you just want to send me some pictures of your completed work, then don’t hesitate to email me on my class 1 email address.

Home Learning Timetable 2nd Nov – 5th Nov Class 1



Watch the video recapping some of the Phase 2 sounds we have looked at already. Looking at the phonemes: g, o, c, k. Follow along with the segmenting and blending.

Follow up activity

Can you use the sounds we’ve recapped today to write the words to match the pictures? Pick the challenge your child feels comfortable with. Either fill in the missing graphemes or write the whole word.

phonics 2 g o c k phonics g o c k

Year 1

They will be recapping Phase 3 sounds and practising blending and segmenting for Phase 4 words. Watch the video and follow along with the segmenting and blending.

Year 1 Literacy activity

Have a look at the image below. Where are they? What is happening? How do you know? Imagine you were there in the scene. If you were there, what might you say? Remembering to use capital letters and full stops, write some simple sentences for what the people in the picture could be saying about the fireworks. Also, don’t forget to use your phonics to segment words for spelling.


Can you sort between the real and rubbish words, by segmenting and blending the words to read them? Cut and paste them into the right sections depending on whether they’re real (treasure) or rubbish (bin). There are 2 sets of words depending on the age of your child.

buried treasure 2 buried treasure


This week, the children will be looking at adding. Watch the following teaching video by clicking on the hyperlink:

Year 1 activities: Complete the following worksheet. Use the 10 frames to help with your working out:

maths adding

10 frames


Can you print out this giant 10 frame or make one of your own. Use loose parts you have around the house i.e. buttons, shells, pasta etc, to work out how many these pairs of numbers make. Count out the number of objects onto the 10 frame, then count them altogether.

  • 5 and 2
  • 3 and 6
  • 4 and 5
  • 2 and 7
  • 5 and 3

giant 10 frame

Afternoon activity

In celebration of Bonfire night this week, I would like you to have a go at creating your very own firework craft using resources you can find around your home. You will find lots of ideas here: Have a look and choose one that you have the resources for.


I hope that you have a great first day of home learning!

Miss Latham



Class 1 Remote Learning

Class 1 Remote Learning

Dear Parent/Carer,

From Monday morning you will be able to access the Class 1 remote learning offer through the class page

Miss Latham will be posting the timetable of work for Monday – Thursday as well as providing work for all individual lessons. As with the previous home learning arrangements, you can contact Miss Latham regarding class work at The main school office will be open as usual to deal with any other queries you may have.

Kind regards,

Adam Ames