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Charlton School Open Evening Tonight 5pm-8pm

Dear Parents and Carers

I write to remind you that Charlton School will be holding our Open Evening from 5.00pm to 8.00pm tonight! We would be delighted if you and your child would come along to have a look around the school, take part in some of the fun activities on offer and find out more about life at Charlton.

There will be a host of activities on offer including:

  • Having a go at making a personalised keyring in Product Design
  • Free food tasting
  • Take part in Archery, Boxercise, Weightlifting, Basketball, Netball, Handball and Cricket
  • An immersive escape room experience
  • Take part in live Art workshops inspired by our recent artist in residence
  • 3d model building in Geography
  • Taste some European delicacies in our continental café
  • Sample our state-of-the-art cameras, green screen and recording equipment in Media
  • Performances in Music, Dance and Drama to entertain you

If you are unable to attend the Open Evening or Open mornings but would like to know more about Charlton school, please visit our website and have a look at the following links where you will find a whole host of information about the school and transition from primary to secondary phase.

Virtual Open Evening:

Transition page:

If you would rather visit during school hours, please contact the main reception on 01952 386800 to arrange a personalised tour.

We really hope you are able to join us for our Open Evening to find out more about Charlton and look forward to welcoming you to our school community.


Mr A McNaughton







‘Spaceship’ egg drop challenge

The children have had a really fun morning creating their junk modelling spaceships.

For our egg drop challenge, the children were paired up and tasked with creating a ‘spaceship’ which could protect their ‘alien’ egg from cracking in a crash.

In science, we have been learning all about materials and how they have different properties which make them better suited to some roles than others. We discussed which materials would and wouldn’t be suitable for protecting our eggs and looked at real world protective items, i.e. helmets, lunchboxes, goggles etc, to get an idea of which materials would be best. We realised that soft materials would be best for cushioning the egg, with hard materials used for the outside. 

The children drew their designs after seeing which materials were available to them. We also looked at and I modelled different attachment techniques, so they would be able to construct their designs and attach their junk modelling pieces together.

When they had finished their spaceships, we went to drop them from high up on the pirate ship and inspected to see if the eggs were still intact. All but 2 of the spacecrafts managed to protect and keep the alien eggs safe, which I was very impressed with. That made picking a winning pair even tougher! In the end, we thought about the team who had worked very cooperatively and independently together. The winners were Laura and Theo!

Each child should be proud of themselves, as we saw some great creative thought, teamwork and resilience…I even spotted a few budding engineers!


Class 1 resources request


On Friday morning in class 1, the children will be building junk modelling space ships for our ‘alien egg drop challenge’. If you could please save and send your child in with any junk modelling you do have i. e. egg boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, tins, etc it would be appreciated. We do have some junk modelling, but it’s always helpful to have more, as I’m not sure how extravagant some of their spaceships might get!

Also, we are trying to kit our home corner and dressing up area out with more real world items i.e mirrors, lamps, rugs, cushions, picture frames, vases, costume jewellery, bags, purses, glasses, hats etc. If you have some items you feel could be useful and you would like to get rid/donate them, they will be gratefully received!


Miss Latham

Class 1 PE kits


We have managed to clear some space in the classroom, which means we will be able to store the children’s PE kits again. Please send them in as normal with their PE kits tomorrow.


Miss Latham