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Class 2 Home Learning – Thursday 21st January

Hello Class 2,

How are we all doing today?

Well done for all your hard work in maths this week, I’m excited to start our new topic this morning.

Here are all of the learning resources needed for today.

Class email:

Have a great day!

Miss Jones


Maths PowerPoint

No additional worksheets are needed in maths today.


Literacy PowerPoint

Phonics – Year 1

Year 1 phonics lessons and follow-up tasks wk 18.01.21

Reading Comprehension – Year 2

Year 2 reading comprehension


PSHE and PE recommendation

Class 5 Home Learning 21.01.21

Happy Thursday Class 5! I hope you have had a good week so far, we are almost at the weekend!

Today is the start of your independent writing of the diary entry and I am very excited to see what you come up with. Here are the lesson slides for our Maths, English and Guided Reading lessons

21.01.21 English Lesson and Work

21.01.21 Guided Reading

21.01.21 Maths Finding Fraction of Amounts

Instead of a spelling lesson today, you have got a handwriting lesson – please take your time to ensure this is neat and you are not rushing it!

Handwriting – an and ar

This afternoon your independent lesson is continuing your science of living things. We will be looking at the life cycle of plants and the different methods of reproduction. Please follow the information on the slides and complete the activities in your workbook.

21.01.21 Science Plant Reproduction

As always, I love seeing your work so ask an adult to snap it and zap it to me 🙂

I’m very intrigued by Will’s discovery that there may be a similar clock to the one in Glockenheim, so I am doing some research – keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Miss Parsons

Class 3 home learning 21.01.21

Good morning Class 3 and happy Thursday! I hope you are all doing well 🙂

Please see the attached for your Maths, English and Guided reading:

21st january maths class 3

21st january english class 3

guided reading ironman 21st and 22nd jan

Big spell list to practise a few spellings daily, using the ‘look, cover, say, write, check’ method:


Today’s handwriting activity:

Handwriting – ig and id 21.01.21

This afternoons tasks:

French: Please log onto language angels with the below username and password, to try out the games I have set for you:

Username: crudgingtonclass3

Password: class3

Science this afternoon: We are looking into types of soil and how soil is made – please look at the following, as well as doing your own further research if needed, to then access the task on purple mash I have set for you about the types of soil.

Have a great day Class 3! Remember to please send in your completed work by uploading it to the folder in teams, or email me on

Miss Howell 🙂


Class 4 Remote learning for 21.1.21

Good morning Class 4

Hope you are ready for another day of remote learning and your live lessons. I am really enjoying these sessions and it is great to see the work you have been completing too. Here are your slides and resources for the lessons today. Remember to snap it and zap it when you are ready to


Multiplying 3 digits by 2 digits 21.1.21

Chilli Challenge – the big question

Chilli Challenge – the answers


1DADWAVERS for children to write on

Using DADWAVERS for descriptive writing 21.1.21


Week 1 – Firework Maker’s Daughter

Geography – Lesson 2 What is the geography of Wales?

We are continuing to develop our skills of locational knowledge of the United Kingdom. Watch the video and complete the tasks.

Extra activity – spelling, punctuation and grammar work.

Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1

Year 5 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1

Have a fabulous day

Mrs Horton

Snap it and zap it! Onto the powerpoint!

Class 1 remote learning for the day

Happy Thursday Class 1!

Only 2 days of work left until the weekend…let’s see if we can knock today’s learning out of the park! As always, here is a run through of today’s activities.

9.00- 9.30 EYFS Live phonics lesson

Join me on Teams for our Live phonics lesson. Today, we will be learning the new sound ‘igh’…our first trigraph, where 3 letters make one sound. Don’t forget your paper and pencil or whiteboard and pen if you have one.

As a follow up task from today’s lesson, can you have a go at this ‘igh’ spotter story. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer, as you can read it on the screen. If your child is not yet a confident reader, maybe take it in turns reading a sentence each, rather than getting your child to read the whole thing.

igh spotter story

All follow up tasks for phonics can be found here:

Reception Phonics follow up tasks wk 18.01.21

Year 1 phonics:

Year 1 children, please follow this link to watch today’s phonics lesson. You will be recapping your learning from the week, looking at the alternative pronunciations for the graphemes i, e, o, u and a. Don’t forget to join in with the videos, saying the sounds and reading the words.

For your follow up task after the lesson, I would like you to play this phonics ‘bang’ game. You will need someone to play with you i.e. a parent or older sibling.

Screenshot 2021-01-20 163428

As always, you will find all the links and follow up tasks for this week’s phonics lesson here: Year 1 phonics lessons and follow-up tasks wk 18.01.21.pptx –

9.50- 10.30 Year 1 Live Literacy session

Join me on Teams for our Live Literacy lesson. Today we will be looking at adding the suffix ‘ed’ to the end of verbs, to write them in the past tense. You will need your exercise book and pencil.

10.50- 11.50 Live Maths lesson

Join me on Teams for our Live Maths lesson. Today we will be looking at ordering numbers. I will upload the teaching PowerPoint into the files section on Teams, for you to look through if you miss the session.

Here are the follow up worksheets for Year 1, with a separate answers sheet:

Ordering objects answers

Year 1 follow up task ordering groups of objects

For an extra challenge, why not have a go at this True or False statement. Can you explain your reasoning?

true or false

For my Reception children, I would like you to practically have a go at ordering groups of objects with different amounts in each group, from least to greatest or greatest to least. Here are some ideas:

ordering groups eyfs

If you want to extend your learning even further, then why not have a go at these challenges? This can all be practical and verbal.

ordering groups

These challenges can also be found here: Reception maths follow up tasks wk 18.1.21

12.00- 12.20 Storytime and snack

Join me on Teams for the next instalment of ‘The Christmasaurus’.

Afternoon activities:

This afternoon, we are going to learn about habitats. Habitats describe the different areas and conditions animals live in. Please follow the link to watch the teaching video. You will need to choose one of your teddies to join you.

When you have watched the video, I have a task for you. You can either create a habitat for the teddy you chose, like is suggested in the video, or pick a group of animals to create a habitat for. You can create a habitat however you like, i.e. through collage, creating a shoebox diorama, by painting or drawing. Make sure that the habitat you create is suitable for the group of animals you have chosen.


You could print off the animals you have chosen and stick them into your habitat picture you create, or you could draw them in or use animal models if you have them at home.

You can print the animals here if you do have a printer:  Habitat animal pictures

I can’t wait to see your creative habitat pictures, so don’t forget to send me a photo to

Miss Latham

Class 4 Celebration of work – 20.1.21

Another fabulous day of remote learning for Class 4, which has resulted in some great work.


This week, we have been using DADWAVERS to support our descriptive work. We have been using different images to create some amazing work.

Ethan writing Tuesday Izzy writing 1 Olivia writing Verity MEthan writing Tuesday

Maths – we have been multiplying different number going up to 3 digits by 2 digits.

Izzy maths








Anya maths

Izzy maths 2

Class 1 weekly update

Hello Class 1!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent in pictures of the work they have been doing at home. It is lovely for me to see you enjoying the learning and getting stuck in with all the activities I have set you. It’s also nice for you to see what your friends have been getting up to. I have been sent lots of super pictures this week.

I particularly like Izzy and Alfie’s castle sandwiches and their excellent tin foil knights. They also had lots of fun on their walk and collected materials to create their own stickmen.

thumbnail_image0 (3)thumbnail_image2thumbnail_image0 (4)thumbnail_image1 (1)thumbnail_image2 (1)thumbnail_image3

Sadie had a genius idea to use left over sweet wrappers in her Paul Klee ‘Castle and Sun’ picture. I can really see the castle structure that she’s created with her collage. She also made a super knight and a knight’s shield.

sadie shield sadie castle


Lola and Laura had a go at making animal poo. Lola filled hers with leaves and berries. I wonder if you know what kind of animal might have leaves and berries in their poo…a Herbivore? Carnivore? Omnivore?

thumbnail_Image (9) thumbnail_image_67198465

Willow, Harleigh, Ruby and Lola have been working really hard in their Phonics, Literacy and Maths sessions and have sent me lots of pictures of their completed work. I also love Lola’s ‘Castle and Sun collage’.

20210119_132924Willow mathsLola writing Lola's castle Harleigh phonics 2 20210119_140255 20210119_140234

Look at Elliot’s excellent maths work matching numbers represented in different ways and his super collage picture. He also tackled the catapult making challenge. I wonder how far his objects managed to travel?

processed (4)elliot castle
processed (5)

Laura has also done some brilliant reading and work around Knights and their armour, whilst William produced some beautiful writing today and Kayla had a go at writing her tricky words in salt.

Kayla salt writing thumbnail_IMG_8967 thumbnail_image_67146241 William writing

Don’t forget to send me more pictures of your home learning!

Miss Latham