Breakfast Club

Crudgington Breakfast Club is open from 8.00am until 8.50am.
The children are offered a variety of items for breakfast including cereals, toast and pancakes with apple juice, orange juice, water or milk.
Staff provide the children with a variety of activities, which the children can choose to play with, like cars, lego, drawing, laptops
Alternatively the children are free to read a book or do some homework within a relaxed environment.
We regularly give the Parents and the children a survey to fill in to ensure that Parents and children are happy with the service they receive and if there were any suggestions they would like to make towards Breakfast Club.
The cost for Breakfast Club is £3.00 per day
Parents need to book sessions in advance via the Parentpay system. You will need your childs unique activation number and log on details to do this.
If you are interested in your children attending Breakfast Club please speak to the school office who will be able to advise you on the procedure for application and booking as spaces are limited.
Emergency Contact number for Breakfast Club is 07729 611248 – you are not able to make bookings on this number. Messages should not be left on this number