The Office

The office is open between 08.30am  and 4.00pm

Mrs Cunningham the Office Manager works Monday to Friday between these times.

Mrs Rhoden the Office Administrator works in the office Monday to Thursday

09.00-10.00 and 09.00-14.30 on a Friday.

The contact number for the office is 01952 386910

The email address for the office is

Any Breakfast Club or Wraparound club queries/messages/requests should be direct to phone number 07729611248  to the Breakfast Club/Wraparound club phone number between the hours of 08.00 and 09.00 & 15.00-18.00. All bookings need be done via Parentpay and paid for at the time of booking.

We have recently set up the Parentpay system and are now a mainly cashless school. All monies for school trips, wraparound, breakfast club and internally run after school clubs are paid via Parentpay. Only on mufti days and charity days will we take cash into school for the collections.

Please inform the office of any change of contact numbers/addresses promptly to ensure we have the correct contact details in case of any emergency.

We are able to administer medication to your child on completion of a Medication Form by parents/carers in advance of the medication being required to be taken. Please ask the office for a form to complete if your child requires any medicine to be taken during the school day. We are able to administer antibiotics when required.

If your child requires First Aid during the day they will be sent home with a small  form detailing why they were given first aid and what for. Any head bumps  – the children will have a red band on their wrist to make you aware.