Wraparound Club

Crudgington Wraparound Club takes place in the school hall where we provide children with a caring, stimulating, and relaxed environment for the children to socialise, play and further their developing needs.
Wraparound is open from 3.20pm until 6.00pm. Wraparound also offers a rate per session where you are able to book children in for an hour.

Mrs Sarah Bennett is the Wraparound Club Manager.

Mrs Melanie Worrall – Wraparound Assistant

Session Costs

3.20pm – 4.20pm   £4.00
4.20pm – 6.00pm   £5.00
3.20pm – 6.00pm   £8.00

Booking and payment for Wraparound is all done via the Parent Pay system. You will need your child’s unique activation number and log on details to do this. You need to book sessions 48hrs in advance and pay at the time of booking online.

Spaces are limited, so please check school website for any club updates.

Wraparound provides the children with a healthy snack at 4:30pm. A selection of fruit is available from 3:20-6pm We encourage the children to try these foods but are happy to discuss with parents any special diets or requests.

If you are interested in wraparound care, then please speak to the school office or email Crudgingtonschool@lct.education) who will be happy to provide you with details about Wraparound .

Late emergency bookings only can be done via the school office – this is on the day exceptional circumstance bookings, regular bookings will not be made this way.