We make a number of our school policies available online for you to view or download. If you can’t find the particular document that you are looking for, or if you would like a paper copy, please ask at the school office.

Crudgington Risk Assessment for return to Schools Spring term 8th March Opening – Issue 3

Crudgington Primary School Assessment for return to Schools Spring Term 8th March Opening – Issue 2

Crudgington Risk Assessment for return to Schools Spring term rev2 07.01.21

Crudgington Remote Education Offer 14.01.2021

Remote Learning Code of Conduct

Covid Catch-Up Premium Plan 2020-2021

Risk Assessment for Return to Schools Autumn Term FINAL

16-9-20 V6 FINAL TWSP Covid-19 Reopening Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy Addendum

Behaviour Policy 2020-2021

Behaviour Policy Addendum 2020 – COVID-19

Anti Bullying Policy 2020-2021

RSE Policy 2021

Calculation Policy Year 1

Calculation Policy Year 2

Calculation Policy Year 3

Calculation Policy Year 4

Calculation Policy Year 5

Calculation Policy Year 6

Charging & Remissions Policy 2020-2021

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2020-21

Intimate Care Policy COVID-19

First Aid Policy COVID-19 Updated


Collective Worship Policy

Complaints Policy 2019-2020

Unreasonable Complaints Policy 2019-2020

Capability Proceedure 2019-2020

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) 2020-2021

Crudgington Primary School Uniform Policy

Cyberbullying Guide


accessibility-Plan-Autumn 2018 -2021

Facebook Parents Guide

Information Sharing Policy

Information Security Policy 2018-2019


Marking and Feedback Policy March

Online Gaming

Our Approach to the Teaching of Phonics at Crudgington Primary School

Crudgington Primary Privacy Notice

Crudgington Primary School Records Retention Policy

Attendance Policy 2020 – 2021

Security Guide

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy February 2018

Health Safety Policy COVID-19 Update

Infection Control Policy COVID-19 Updated

Snapchat Guide

Speak Up Policy

Crudgington Staff Social Media Policy Final 2019

Mobile Phone Policy 2019

2020-4-06 Temporary Changes to Employees Privacy Notice