Our curriculum is designed to harness the wide-ranging opportunities presented in an arts-rich school to transform the thinking, appreciation and behaviours of young people to become culturally competent citizens. By taking a highly practical approach to
addressing the key skills and concepts addressed on the National Curriculum and beyond, we prepare our students to develop a lifelong love of the subject that they can apply to the wider community and, possibly, their careers. We provide creative
opportunities for students to find their own voice and develop discipline and confidence through high-quality rehearsal and exploration of sounds. We will provide a sequence of concepts showing a clear progression of skills and knowledge in Music. It provides a framework from which relevant learning experiences can be planned to broaden the horizons and experiences of all students, without exception, to enable them to recognise and take advantage of opportunities available to them, promoting the
concept of aspirations.

The Music National Curriculum National Curriculum Music
Intent, Implementation & Impact Music I-I-I
SMSC in Music Music SMSC
Music Learning Journey Music Learning Journey
Long Term Plan Music Long Term Plan
Progression of Skills Music Skill Development
Subject Policy Crudgington Primary School Music Policy