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Last day: Bring a carrier bag


It would be very helpful if tomorrow, the children could bring in a named carrier bag/bag for life. We always have lots of cards/calendars/decorations and gifts to give out on the last day and it is easier for staff and children if they have a carrier bag to put the Christmas crafts in.

Thank you!

Miss Latham



Christmas dinner day!

We have had a lovely Christmas dinner today thanks to Yvonne and Aimi in the kitchen. The hall was full of Christmas cheer and we loved that some of the children had come dressed for the occasion. It was so nice to be back together for our Christmas tradition after missing it last year. It was just a shame that class 2 couldn’t join us.

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Class 4 – Need recyclable materials for tomorrows science lesson

Class 4 parents

We are asking for any recyclable materials for the Science lesson tomorrow please. The children will be making their own musical instruments!

Need items such as plastic bottles, straws, boxes, empty yoghurt pots and other containers suitable to make shakers, dried beans, rice or sand, cling film, balloons.

Thank you

Mrs Horton

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