Landline Telephone Issues – Monday 24.01.22

Please be advised that we have been informed that there are telephone issues across the authority.  Here at Crudgington we are experiencing issues on some calls where it is impossible to hear what the caller is saying.  Please accept our apologies and we hope that the problems can be rectified soon.  If you are unable to speak to us on the phone please try and e-mail instead.

Breakfast and Wraparound Availability for this week

We are fully booked for Wraparound on Thursday this week, with limited availability on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you do require a booking, please contact the club manager in the first instance, to check if there has been any cancellations. Thank you


W/C 24.1.22
Breakfast Spaces Available
Monday 20 10
Tuesday 24 6
Wednesday 24 6
Thursday 26 4
Friday 22 8
Wraparound Spaces Available
Monday 8 12
Tuesday 17 3
Wednesday 14 6
Thursday 20 0
Friday 9 11