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Welcome back!


Welcome back to a new school year! The children have had a great first few days and seemed to settle really well into what will hopefully be a really fun year.

Below are just a few reminders and some information you might find useful, although if you are unsure of anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Currently fruit is not being delivered to school for the children’s free school snack. Please send your child into school with a healthy snack i.e. piece of fruit, raisins, vegetables,if you wish for them to have a snack at break time.
  • Make sure you send your child in with a labelled water bottle. As a healthy school, we only permit water to be drank in school. Any fizzy pop or juice will unfortunately be tipped away and replaced with water.
  • Your child needs to leave a PE kit in school. Due to social distancing all PE will take place outdoors. As the weather cools, it is wise to add a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms to their PE kit.
  • Your child needs a book bag where they can keep their reading book and reading log safe. Unfortunately we aren’t providing clear plastic book bags this year. Inquire about purchasing a blue school book bag at the school office.
  • Please make sure that your child’s clothes are labelled with their name. This includes pants, shoes, polo shirts, shorts, trousers, dresses, jumpers and cardigans. It makes it so much easier for us to reunite children with lost clothing when they are clearly labelled with their name, especially after PE sessions.
  • If you haven’t already, please send your child in with a pair of labelled wellies.We will keep these in school to be used on the field at lunch time.
  • Can I ask that items brought into school are kept to a minimum.We have a small and crowded cloakroom area and bulky bags and rucksacks make it difficult for the children to access their coat on their peg. All your child needs is a water bottle, book bag and lunch box if they are having a packed lunch.

I hope this has cleared up a few questions. Have a lovely and restful weekend!

Thank you,

Miss Latham

Class 1 activities of the day

This will be the last day I post any home learning activities on here, although I will post suggestions for the Summer holiday tomorrow.

As always for phonics, please don’t forget to head to YouTube at these times to watch the daily phonics: Letters and Sounds video.

Reception: 10.00 am and then again at 11.00 am if you still need blending support to read cvc words i.e. map and cat

Year 1: 10.30 am

For your reading activity, I would like you to log onto phonics bug and select a book to read. Can you also answer the follow up questions.

For your Literacy task, I would like you to complete your hopes and dreams sheet for next year. What do you hope to achieve when you move up into your next class?Can you create a ‘hopes and dreams’ cloud?

hopes and dreams

For your maths task, have a go at this pirate sudoku. Remember that each row across and down, should have just one of each of the 4 images.

Have a lovely day!

Miss Latham

KS1 Summer reading challenge

Hello key stage one!

Summer holidays are here and I am hoping we have lots of lovely, sunny and warm days to look forward to with lots of fun with our families.

I love reading and I have a challenge for you over the holidays. I would like you to read six books and complete the reading challenge sheet. There will be prizes and certificates when you bring your challenge sheet into school in September.

I am really looking forward to seeing all the wonderful stories you encounter on your summer reading journey.

Have fun!

Mrs Horton

Summer Reading Challenge ks1

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