Class 3 home learning 03.02.21

Good morning Class 3! Today we will be honouring Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week! Please see below for our activities for the day:

Maths, English, Guided Reading:

3rd february english class 3

3rd february maths class 3

Guided reading Ironman 03.02.21

Big spell lists for spelling practise:


Mental health awareness week activities: Miss Latham posted yesterday about the schools’ express yourself challenge for upcycling clothing items – send in a picture if you’d like to share what you’ve done!

Here is a document for suggested ‘express yourself’ activities to get up to: pshe-challenges-cmhw-colour

I also really like this Art activity to express feelings – all you need is paper and some different coloured pencils/pens!

Please send in any of the activities that you get up to, if you’d like them to be shared 🙂

Science: Rocks!

Have a look on purple mash for a fossils quiz and types of soil quiz!

Also, you could try out this ‘make your own stalactite’ experiment using hot water, washing soda, string, a cloth, spoon, scissors, cups and a plate 🙂 Washing Soda Stalactite – Cave Pillar – Sick Science! #084 – YouTube

Have a great Wednesday! Miss Howell 🙂