Class 3 home learning 04.02.21

Hello Class 3 and happy Thursday! I hope you had a great day honouring Children’s mental health awareness week yesterday! Thankyou so much for sending in what you got up to for the ‘Express yourself’ topic!

Please see below for the Maths, English and Guided Reading lessons:

4th february english class 3

4th february maths class 3

2 digits divide by 1 digit remainder answers

2 digits divide by 1 digit remainder questions

Guided reading Ironman 04.02.21

Big spell list for daily spelling practise:


Handwriting practise for today:

Handwriting – ck 04.02.21

History: The Romans! Today’s session revisits the Romans in Chester that we began to look at last week, and looks into the impact the Romans had on Britain today!

history – romans 5

Have a great day Class 3! Don’t forget to send in your work via the class 3 email – or through the files section in our teams group!

Miss Howell 🙂