Class 2 Rainforest in a box

In Class 2, we have been learning about Rainforests. The children were set a challenge to create a rainforest in a box. The children have done a wonderful job of demonstrating their learning through labelling the different layers of the rainforest, as well as including the animals found in each layer. Well done!WIN_20180608_144646 WIN_20180608_144624 WIN_20180604_145602 WIN_20180604_145509 WIN_20180604_145354 WIN_20180604_145232 WIN_20180604_145038 WIN_20180604_144857 WIN_20180604_144726 WIN_20180604_144436 WIN_20180604_144318 WIN_20180604_144106 WIN_20180604_143642 WIN_20180604_143337