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Class 2 Spellings

The spelling test will take place next Friday the 22nd September.

Year 1

shop  chain  wing  moth  jeep  fight  rain  coat  zoo  look

Year 2

play  tie  cloud  bean  oyster  skirt  glue  statue  people  asked


Class 2 Maths Homework

By the end of year 1 the children need to be able to write, in words, numbers to 20 whilst in year 2 they need to be able to do this to one hundred.

This weeks Maths homework is a matching activity of numbers to their written names.

Class 2 Literacy Homework


This week in Literacy we have been looking at different word types.

Year 1s

Can you look at the sentences in your yellow homework book and underline any adjectives (describing words).

Year 2

Can you look at the sentences in your yellow homework book  and underline any adjectives (describing words) in blue, verbs (action words) in red and nouns (names) in green.

Literacy homework 14.9.17

Literacy homework this half term will focus on revising punctuation marks that the children must use correctly throughout a piece of work.

Once the children have completed the work they may challenge themselves to write a descriptive setting, a character profile or part of a story ensure they use the particular punctuation mark. This could be added to each week.

Class 5 Literacy Homework Page 1

Class 5 Literacy Homework Page 2