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Class 2 Homework – 6th July 2018

Class 2 Homework for this week.

Reading: Create a book review on your favourite book. Tell me why this is your favourite book. Don’t give too much away about the storyline, but just enough information to make me want to read your book. Can you include lots of adjectives, adverbs, different sentence types?  You can either handwrite your review or type it on the computer.

Maths: Learn x2, x5 and x 10 tables for a game of ’round the world’ next week.


No spellings this week.

Year 5/6 homework project

The World Cup is now in full swing. I would like you to choose a country who have played in the 2018 World Cup and create a fact sheet about it.

Use the skills you have learnt and applied to your recent report work about ‘Telford’s turning 50’

What you may want to include:

Where it is, flag, capital city, language, population, language, religion


famous landmarks

Due to year 6 transition week next week homework needs to be handed in on Wednesday 18th July

Class 2 spellings week commencing 2nd July 2018

To be tested on Friday 6th July 2018


Spelling list 1 (Mrs Morris)


1.    everybody

2.  again

3.  clothes

4.  busy

5.  many

6.  when

7.  because

8.  other

9.  glue

10.               threw



Spelling list 2 (Mrs Horton)


1.    everybody

2.  other

3.  eight

4.  because

5.  when

6.  were

7.  where

8.  again

9.  clothes

10.               many


Year 5 literacy homework

Next week in literacy we will be writing a non-chronological report about Telford. I would like you to research an area or aspect of Telford that you would like to include in your report. This could be: the Wrekin, Telford and Wrekin countryside, leisure (sports facilities available ie ice-rink – Telford Tigers- ski slope, bowling etc), Telford Town park etc.

Make notes from your research. This could be on a table or as a spider diagram. I would like you to include: facts, vocabulary, technical words and word and phrases you could use in your report.


Class 2 Spellings for Friday 22nd June

Spelling list 1 (Mrs Morris)


1.    looked

2.  called

3.  asked

4.  annoy

5.  girl

6.  skirt

7.  blue

8.  argue

9.  rescue

10.               straw

Spelling list 2 (Mrs Horton)


1.    cheerful

2.  peaceful

3.  beautiful

4.  colourful

5.  countless

6.  careless

7.  helpless


9.  faultless

10.               powerless



Class 2 Spellings 22.6.18

Spelling list 1 (Mrs Morris)


1.    paper

2.  finally

3.  grow

4.  empty

5.  picture

6.  next

7.  colour

8.  some

9.  with

10.               create

Spelling list 2 (Mrs Horton)


1.    finally

2.  paint

3.  empty

4.  picture

5.  think

6.  thing

7.  create

8.  decorate

9.  colour

10.               people