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Class 1 Christmas ‘crafternoon’

Class 1 had a lovely afternoon for their Christmas ‘crafternoon’. We made lots of different Christmas decorations including Christmas wreaths and snowflake tree decorations. A big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who could make it. We hope you enjoyed the mince pies!

Thank you,

Miss Latham

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Black Friday Fractions!

In Class 5, we have just started our maths topic of fractions. We’ve started revising equivalent fractions and using this to simplify our fractions. What better way to practise using this than finding out the fractions of money off popular items in the Black Friday sale!? We really enjoyed working out the fraction of money being taken off the original price and then we discussed which deal was best or worst! Fabulous work Class 5 🙂

IMG_20191129_170343467 IMG_20191129_170417505

Creativity in Class 4!

Wow! What a busy few weeks we have had in Class 4! Children have been writing and publishing their own Blitz poems, after taking inspiration from their English lessons.  They all created fantastic designs for their poems and I’m sure you will agree they look fantastic!

Whilst in art, children have created their own version of Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’, using pencils, shapes and symbols.  They have really focused hard on the detail and used many of the techniques they have learnt over the term.

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Caveman visit to Class 3!

Class 3 had a fabulous morning on Tuesday, 19th November – having a caveman visit their classroom! After welcoming us to his tribe, he showed us a visual timeline of the changes in prehistoric life, then let the children look at many artefacts that Stone-Age people would have used. We then had a brilliant time creating cave paintings on cotton cloth, using only natural materials such as charcoal, and then a paint spraying technique to make hand prints!   1116 5 4 2


We’ve been learning lots about our new science topic, Classification, in class 5. We’ve discovered lots of different classes of living things that we didn’t know about and even learnt about microscopic organisms! For our lesson yesterday we looked at classification keys and thought we’d have a go at classifying liquorice allsorts. We found it a little hard only asking yes or no questions, but eventually got the hang of it and these were our fabulous results.

IMG_20191127_163514077 IMG_20191127_163523397 IMG_20191127_163528436

Class 2 visit Liverpool’s Maritime Museum

Class 2 had a lovely visit to Liverpool where they explored the Titanic exhibition at the Maritime Museum. In the afternoon, they acted out the story of Polar, the Titanic bear. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit where they were able to see videos, photos and some artefacts brought back from the wreck.

Thank you to our parent volunteers who helped supported the visit.

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