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In Class 4 we have been learning about the different types of angles and how we can easily identify them. Today we looked at estimating and accurately measuring angles with a protractor! For some of us it was our first time using a protractor and we were super impressed with how close our estimates were. We looked at a shape on our tables and worked out all of the angles that were there.

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Class 4 Solar System Projects

Wow! I am absolutely blown away by the fantastic projects that have been made by Class 4 which show the solar system. There have been loads of fabulous ideas, all different from each other, from pom poms, shoe box dioramas, powerpoints, solar system themed games and many more! Thank you to all the children and grown ups that helped make these, they’ve created an amazing display in our classroom.


Class 5 project work

I would like to say a massive well done to the year 5 children in my class for their fantastic totem poles created as part of our Native American topic. So much thought and effort has gone in to them and the end results are very impressive!