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Calling all Harry Potter fans!

JK Rowling and her team have been working on a fantastic (and rather magical) website online for you to access at home! Let me know if you check it out! 🙂




Good afternoon

Good afternoon Class 5!

Did you spot my April Fool’s joke? I’m guessing by now you’ve realised that the internet has not been turned off 😀

I’ve received so many great emails so far this week with updates of what you’ve been up to, so I thought I would share.

So many of you have produced great Fair Trade leaflet on Purple Mash. Lucy wanted to use her Publisher skills to give more information for her leaflet and it is brilliant 🙂

Fairtrade poster (1)

Ollie has also been super busy – he has not only completed the Area and Perimeter 2Dos on Purple Mash, but he has also been challenging himself with all the activities on the lesson powerpoint. He sent me some pictures of his super learning – well done Ollie!

Ollie area 1 Ollie area 2 ollie perimeter 1 Ollie perimeter 2 Ollie perimeter 3

I’ve also had some great Rainbow Art work emailed over to me from another member of our class!


Keep up all the hard work – I am so very proud of all of you and how you are working throughout this lockdown 🙂 Miss Parsons

Why not have a science afternoon?

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately we were not able to have our science week in school and I had lots of interesting experiments planned, so I thought it would be fun for us all to have a go at some quick science tasks that will blow our minds!

I’ve found some little experiments that hopefully you’ll have all the equipment for at least one. Before you complete it, write down a prediction (hypothesis) of what you think will happen and why. When you have completed the investigation you can come back to your prediction and write down what happened, your conclusion, and if it didn’t work like you thought it would or like the card says, write your evaluation (what would you do differently so it works? Try again if you can now you have evaluated!). Remember that it is important for us to predict, conclude and evaluate so that we are building our working scientifically minds! I would love to see any photos of these experiments or your scientific writing, then we can all share what we did and found! 😀




t-a-7-rain-cloud-in-a-jar-science-experiment-_ver_1 Picking_Up_an_Ice_Cube_Science_Experiment_and_Prompt_Card[1] Egg_White_and_Yolk_Science_Experiment_and_Prompt_Card[1]

Try and complete the experiment first before you read the science behind it 🙂

Happy investigating!!

Edit : I have been shown this video on Facebook by a parent of another cool experiment, it doesn’t explain the science but have a think to see if you can figure it out


Class 1 suggested activity for the day

Happy Wednesday!

Did you enjoy the ‘would you rather’ questions from yesterday? I bet it got you thinking!

Today’s activity is another code-breaking activity, seeing as you enjoyed the maths one I did.

I have created a code alphabet, where every letter now has a symbol that represents it.


There are a few tasks you can do using this alphabet code.

  1. Can you write out your full name in code? What about your family member’s names? E.g. My name, would look like this: Picture9
  2. Can you use the code to write a secret message to someone in your household? Who then has to break the code.
  3. Can you use the code to work out what these words are, or what my secret message says?Picture10Picture11
  4. You could have a go at making your own alphabet code.
  5. You could even persuade your mum and dad to write you some other coded messages to break.

Happy coding!

Miss Latham

Class 3 Challenge of the day!

Good Morning and happy April 1st! Has anyone seen any blossoming trees on your walks around? Aren’t they beautiful!

Answer to puzzle from yesterday – did you manage to decode it?

puzzke answer

Today’s challenge is Easter themed!

bunny prob

Have any of you been doing Joe Wicks P.E every day? Or have you been trying out different online activities? I’ve found a timetable for some different things you could try out!  Let me know if you check any of these out: 🙂 Have a lovely day! Miss H


Challenge of the day 01.04.20

Hi Class 5, hope that your week has got off to a good start.

The solution to yesterday’s brain teaser were:


Well done to Ollie for finding the solution and emailing it in 🙂

Today’s puzzle is a little maths one – see how many different solutions you can find. You may need to think about your addition of odd and even numbers!

maths puzzle

Email me the solutions that you find and as a class we can see if we can find them all!

Well done with all the Purple Mash work – I am super proud of you! If you are pleased with any writing you are doing as part of your learning (even if it is a diary you are keeping) please do email this in!

Also, have you seen this? All of your hard work is breaking the internet! 😉

FB_IMG_1585722538984 (002)

Have a fab day, I’ll be posting some more tasks on Purple Mash for you to get stuck in to (before midday though! ha)

Miss P

Wednesday 1st April – Challenge for the day!

April Fools

Happy April Fools Day!

Over the years there have been some fantastic April Fools in the media, including one from the BBC about the Spaghetti Harvest. Have a look at this video from the archives!


Other April Fools include the BBC filming Flying Penguins in Antarctica in 2008, Whistling Carrots by Tesco in 2002, BBC reporting on the new Smelly-vision in 1965, BMWs rain deflecting open topped car in 1985, BBC reports that Big Ben was going to have a ‘digital clock’ make over in 1980 and a see through plane from Emirates in 2018.

Can your grown ups remember any other April Fools which appeared in the media?

Answer to yesterdays challenge: 

Yesterday, you needed to make as many words, of five or more letters  from the hub, and each word had to contain the middle letter. There was also a bonus 9 letter word. Here are some of the answers. How did you do? Did you make any different words?

word list

For todays challenge, I would like you to have a go at the Countdown game.  This requires you to make the total number 332, using the four operations and the numbers in the white boxes – 50, 2, 2, 10, 9, 3.  How many different ways can you find to make 332? Write your answers in your maths workbook and email a picture of the answers to me, so I can share them on the class pages.


This puzzle is from NRICH, if you fancy having another go with different numbers, you can access it here. Don’t worry, there is a solution to every number. You could even challenge your grown-ups!

Science task today, I would like you to think about databases, and how these help us to sort and classify animals.  On Purple Mash, I have added a Fish database and a Fish database Quiz. Have a go at these first.  Then, using 2Question, I have set a 2Do to create your own branching database about animals.  Remember, that branching database help to sort or classify objects. Here is a simple branching database which I created using Purple Mash to sort mini-beasts I found in my garden. My questions were:

How many legs do I have? six legs or not six legs.
Can I fly? yes or no
Do I live underground? yes or no


You could also create databases in your workbook, or even outside using toys or sorting food, including sweets and flavours of crisps. How creative can you be with your branching database? Send in pictures of your work to

I promised to keep you up to date with the Turner pups – well today, all four of them have their eyes open – although their vision isn’t clear yet.  They are currently 20 days old and have a lot more growing to do yet – including learning to walk! I’m sure you will agree that they all look super cute!

IMG_5076 IMG_5084 IMG_5081 IMG_5073

Have a fab day!

Mrs Turner 🙂

Class 2 Home learning tasks – English and Maths

Good morning Class 2.

To give you a break from the Purple Mash work today and the computer, I have put together a writing and a maths task for you.


Class 2 writing task

Adjectives mat

Read through my WAGOLL and then choose a picture from the selection given. If you want to choose a different picture, that would be okay too.

Remember capital letters and full stops. Think about the adjectives you could use – can you make some 2A sentences? What question sentences would you include?


Maths weighing and measuring


Have fun Class 2!



What have the children of class 1 been getting up to?


Once again, I’m overwhelmed at all of the lovely pictures I have been sent. I’ve also had lots of funny ‘would you rather’ questions, so thank you for those!

First, we need to wish Lily- Rose a happy 5th birthday, as it was her birthday on Friday!


Lily-Rose also wanted to show everyone that she misses them, so she coloured this picture to brighten everyone’s day. How lovely!


As well as celebrating her birthday, Lily-Rose has also been hard at work learning to tell the time and practicing her number bonds to 10. 

In other news, Amelia also lost her first tooth!


Imogen has also been a busy bee, making biscuits, solving maths puzzles and practising spelling number words!

She has also completed some super writing tasks. Well done Imogen!

Kian has been doing a great job completing his tasks on purple mash.

Whilst Olivia has been busy completing repeating patterns, writing her full name, dinosaur dot- to- dots and labelling body parts.

I am very proud of you all for your continued enthusiasm for learning at home!

Miss Latham