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Science Week!

Class 3 have thoroughly enjoyed Science week, and studying the concept of journeys!

From flight, to digestion, to germs – we have explored it all and have enjoyed our experiments!

Thankyou to all the parents that came in to look at our work 🙂

Miss Howell



Science Week Class 4

This week has been our science week and we’ve had a blast! All week we have been enjoying learning about the journey of Curiosity to Mars to find signs of life. This started with sharing a story book about Curiosity. From this we had loads of questions that we wanted to explore and find answers for.

We were very interested on how they would know if there was life on Mars just from soil samples. Luckily Miss Parsons had a link to NASA to find out how! We looked at 3 different Mars soil samples and observed them to see which one had signs of life. When we added water to the samples we saw that soil sample 2 started to bubble. We discussed what this meant and we all agreed that this meant there were signs of life as it was respiring. After 10 minutes we saw that sample 3 had grown in size and was almost coming out of the cup! This showed us that sample 3 also had signs of life as it had grown. We used our knowledge of MRS GREN to help us determine this.

IMG_1847  IMG_1849

We completed an investigation about the craters found on Mars. We wondered whether the distance an asteroid travelled affected the size of the crater. We recreated the surface of Mars with sand and used bouncy balls as the asteroid. We measured the height we dropped the ball from and then measured the craters made. After the experiment we used our data to make line graphs and analysed what we found.

IMG_1855 IMG_1859

We made our own Mars rover buggies out of junk material. Some of us tried to insert a working motor into our model to get the wheels moving. This was extremely difficult and we learnt loads from our challenges!

Finally, we watched a real news report that confirmed that Curiosity had made some interesting discoveries on Mars. We wrote up our own news reports and then used a green screen to film them. We had loads of fun doing this and really got in to character! Unfortunately Miss Parsons had some trouble with the microphone at times, but she’s learnt for next time!






Woody’s visit to Class 3!

On Wednesday afternoon, Class 3 was very excited to have Woody the Reading dog visit. He was with us for the whole afternoon, giving all of the pupils a chance to read and spend time with him. We had a lovely afternoon, and can’t wait to see Woody again! Thankyou Anne and Woody!

woody visist

World book day!

In class 5 we focused our work on a picture book called Tuesday by David Weisner. We used the illustrations to explain and predict events in the story. The children loved the book: “it allowed us to use our imagination about the plot” “We could make up our own descriptions.”

We based our class work on the investigation scene. Some of the class took part in role play became news reporters and eye witnesses and presented a live news report of the incident. Others became police investigators and interviewed the suspects and the witnesses to try and determine the reason for the events. We focused on how to show characterisation through speech.


During the afternoon, the children produced a newspaper report of the event.


Sound check challenge!

We are enjoying using Times Tables Rock Stars in class 5 and I am seeing some very impressive application of multiplication knowledge in their work- well done!

Mrs A’s challenge: by next Wednesday can you achieve 25 points in the sound check area? Good luck and happy multiplying!

World Book Day

Our book focus in Class was Journey by Aaron Becker. This was a picture book with no text in but we found the story very interesting and enjoyable! After sharing the book we used the illustrations to write some descriptions of what was happening at that point of the story. The girl in the story visited many places in the world through her imagination, we used a map to pinpoint these landmarks and calculated the distance the girl had travelled, this was a challenge but we really enjoyed trying to figure it out! In the afternoon we had a fun STEM activity. The girl draws herself a hot air balloon to travel in. So we learnt about how hot air balloons fly and then tried to design and make our own hot air balloons with tissue paper. We tested each group’s one with a hair dryer to give the hot air. Not many survived but we had fun and discussed what we would do next time! Class 4 thoroughly enjoyed our world book day and can’t wait to use more picture books in their learning 🙂

IMG_1840[1] IMG_1841[1] IMG_1842[1] IMG_1843[1]

World Book Day – Share a story

Class 2 used the Anthony Browne story of ‘Willy’s Stories’ for World Book Day. They enjoyed listening to the story, where Willy goes through different doors to explore the adventures in stories. They then chose their own favourite stories and created illustrations.  Such amazing stories following the writing style of Anthony Browne.

IMG_2242 IMG_2233 IMG_2238 IMG_2239 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2240 IMG_2241 IMG_2236 IMG_2237

Pancake Day!

Class 2 were very excited about Pancake Day. In the afternoon, they designed their own toppings for their perfect pancake. We had the traditional sweet toppings but also had some vegetable laden pancakes too because they are healthy!

We also had a go at flipping a pancake. It wasn’t an easy job!

IMG_2213 IMG_2214 IMG_2215 IMG_2217 IMG_2218 IMG_2219 IMG_2221

World book day 2019!

We have had a wonderful day in Class 3, starting with reading the Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson.

In Literacy we made descriptive texts about the Snail, Whale and the places they visited.

In Maths, Class 3 was challenged to work out the total distance of the Snail and Whale’s around-the-world journey – it totalled to 24,608 miles – wow!

We had a ‘snail handwriting’ session in the afternoon, trying to write in one continuous long line (like a snail), as well as creating our own colourful snails with card!

I hope you have enjoyed World book day, Miss Howellsnailwhale